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Public and private cloud

Management of servers and DevOps processes

Business IT

Everything IT that your business wants

We handle as much or as little as you need


Business focused network for maximum uptime

Custom plans including 4G failover available

Web Hosting & Domains

Shared/Dedicated Hosting and all domain extensions

Authorised .nz domain registrar

Professional Services

Our time spent working on tasks for you

Applies to all services

Managed Networks

Fully customised NZ and AU WAN networks

LAN management also available


Prodigi offers a range of web-based IT services, ranging from developing specific web-based implementations to solve business problems to high complexity DevOps implementations.

We work primarily with Laravel as the base for our work, but depending on your requirements as a business, we will develop a solution that is designed specifically to meet your needs. For DevOps, we can provide you with the option of utilizing our hosting platforms or we can develop your environment on any other public or private cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc).

Smarter and more efficient DevOps

From server infrastructure and cloud applications to monitoring, security and integration, we help you find smarter, more efficient ways of working. And then we help you implement them.

We’ll work directly with your developers on your servers, our servers, or the cloud. Because we’re developers ourselves, we understand both sides of the operation, and can provide in-depth advice on scaling and architecture to match the growth of your business.

Unlike many traditional IT companies, our development skills enable us to offer a broader range of bespoke solutions to our clients, rather than relying on standardised platforms and SaaS products.

If you need extra development work, we can help there too.

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Hear what Aidan has to say

To learn more about our Cloud/DevOps services hear from Aidan, the CEO of Designer Wardrobe about how we have grown with them as they have become one of the largest fashion rental provider and marketplace in New Zealand.

​Business IT

Acting as an extension of your team, we can step in when your IT experts are busy, stuck, or simply want to bounce ideas. We can even act as your virtual CIO if you don’t have in-house capabilities, reporting directly to the CFO or CEO.

Our agile approach helps us deliver exactly what you need, when you need it. We can help you develop in-house processes and procedures and can provide technical input and project management for internal projects, all the while managing any external projects we may be working on with you.

Everything, sorted.

Whatever you need, from procurement, professional services, development and more. Similarly, if you only want us to look after certain parts of your IT setup, we can do that too, working in concert with your in house team.

Our team can handle all of your needs, providing 24/7 support as needed. You’ll always be able to speak directly to someone who understands your systems and can provide real answers and practical solutions when you need them most.

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Hear what John has to say

To find out more about the range of Managed IT services we provide for our clients, take a few minutes to listen to John Driver from VetNZ talk about their business and how Prodigi works with his in-house IT team.


We somewhat accidentally became an ISP. We built a world-class network to support our business customers and their servers, so why not leverage that network to provide great internet service as well!

We offer business internet plans. Generally you won't have to change any router settings to switch to us either, making the changeover seamless.

Got custom requirements? No problem!

If you have some custom requirements (want your place and your friends place linked together?) we can do that too, for very little additional cost, if any!
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​Web Hosting & Domains

cPanel hosting is our bread and butter. Hosted on high-performance, SSD backed servers in our Auckland Datacentre, our standard shared hosting plan is perfect for 80% of websites.

To keep things simple, we have only one shared hosting plan which you can then add more disk to. No other features have limits! We have reseller and dedicated hosting as well.

Wordpress Beginnings

At the start, we were known solely as Wordpress experts, and we still have those services on offer today.

Whether your Wordpress site attracts a thousand visitors a month, or hundreds of thousands a day, we can take care of it for you.

Our team can handle all of your hosting needs, providing 24/7 support in whatever part of the world, and whatever time zone you and your business are operating in. And because we don’t use external contractors, you’ll always be able to speak directly to the people managing your website – people who understand your site and can provide real answers and practical solutions when you need them most.

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Hear what Cliff has to say

To find out more about the WordPress website hosting and maintenance services we provide for our clients, take a few minutes to listen to Cliff Ravenscraft talk about his business and how Prodigi has provided hosting and support for his suite of WordPress sites.

​Professional Services

As our professional services (time) is used over all of our services, there's not much to say here! 99% of the time, you will get this as part of your other services with us.

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​Managed Networks

From offices, factories, and worksites to planes, trains, automobiles, and boats, we can provide reliable networking solutions wherever you’re based!

Our specialists can handle everything from internal networks (including racks, switching, routers, access points, phones, etc) to datacentre networks (racks, switching, routes, PDUs and more).

We can also establish reliable and secure home networks for WFH remote workers, including always-on VPN access to your office network or WAN, separated from the home network.

WAN just how you want it

We’ll help strengthen, streamline and enhance your standard WAN, with advanced routers and firewalls designed to meet your specific needs while also reducing your operating costs.

We can take your standard WAN and add extra features (like local internet) to support cloud services, and can provide Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity via numerous access mediums.

We can even fully manage your network for you (Network as a Service) if you want to be completely hands off.

We manage our own network to keep our customers online, and now we can extend those skills to your network too.

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Hear what John has to say

To learn about our Network/WAN services, have a listen to John Driver, CIO of VetNZ, talk about the solutions we provided them.