Cliff Ravenscraft

Introducing Cliff Ravenscraft

Cliff Ravenscraft is a high energy, US-based professional coach and podcaster, who has built a significant following over the last 15 years. He started with the Lost podcast, then developed a channel around podcast coaching and consulting, and in the last 3-4 years has focused mainly on mindset and business coaching.

Cliff is no stranger to technology, going right back to coding his HTML sites in the late 1990s and then creating, hosting and maintaining a series of WordPress websites. He also discovered the world of audio podcasting and launched his first podcast in December 2005.

Since 2005 Cliff has launched 30 different podcast shows, producing more than 5,000 episodes. Drawing on that experience, he also launched a website called Podcast Answer Man, teaching and training others on the necessary skills for podcasting.

What role does Prodigi play in the business?

Over the years as his business increased and the number of websites also increased, Cliff found he wasn’t doing updates and maintenance of his sites as often as he should have been, resulting in his sites being less secure than they should have been.

As Cliff says, “thankfully I never had anything happen that I couldn’t bounce back from, but I certainly had my security woes over the years.”

He was already on a VPS (virtual private server) but was looking for support to take over the regular management, maintenance, backups and security of his estate.

He connected with Dan at Prodigi and Dan was able to take over those aspects of his online presence, while also providing specialist advice and expertise to improve the performance of his sites and rationalise several of them into one primary website.

What stands out to you about the experience of working with Prodigi?

“Ever since working with Dan, he actually helped fix some things I didn’t know could be fixed,” Cliff said. “He helped me streamline, shutting down several different WordPress websites, and bringing all that under a single WordPress website, which I knew was possible but was way more work than I would ever want to do, and he was able to do it in a few hours.”

Cliff comments “it has been several years I have been working with Dan now and it has been incredible. I highly recommend him for WordPress hosting or website management, or any other technical requirements that Dan has the skills for. I fully endorse him and trust him with my endorsement.”