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We could put a big list here, with fancy terms like "DevOps" and acronyms like "IaaS" and "NaaS" but all you need to know is we're your one stop shop! If your business has a need, we can engineer a solution. We haven't forgotten our roots, and still offer hosting of blogs and other personal sites.

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The Importance Of Using An NZ-Based Web Hosting Platform

Every website needs a home on the internet, and web hosting gives your business an online home and allows you to access clients worldwide. But there's a lot more...

Understandably, website owners want to know how NZ-based web hosting will benefit their company. Several factors contribute to an efficient website host, ranging from dependability and security to customer service.

What is local website hosting, and why you may need one

New Zealand-based web hosting is where all your website's files are stored. It is similar to your website's actual residence. If your domain name is the address of your house, then web hosting is the real house to which that address refers.

Web hosting is required for all websites on the internet. When someone puts your domain name into a browser, it is converted into the machine's IP address at the hosting provider’s business.

This machine stores your website's files and transmits them to the visitors' browsers.

Web hosting businesses specialise in the storage and delivery of web pages. Customers can choose from a variety of hosting options, including WordPress hosting.

Your friendly local web hosting providers

As one of New Zealand's local web hosting companies, web hosting comes naturally to us. Our regular shared hosting package is ideal for 80% of websites and is hosted on high-performance, SSD-backed servers in our Auckland Data Centre.

To keep things simple, we only provide one shared hosting plan to which you may add extra disk space. No other features are restricted! We also provide reseller and dedicated hosting.

New Zealand WordPress hosting

At the beginning of our journey, our primary area of expertise was WordPress, and to this day, we continue to provide services related to the platform, such as WordPress hosting plans and various managed WordPress services.

Although we have branched out since our inception, we can provide web hosting services such as web hosting plans for high-traffic websites and website building.

Whatever the job, we can take care of it for you regardless of the number of visitors your WordPress website receives daily, weekly, or monthly.

Contact us

Our team can manage all of your hosting needs, offering 24/7 service in whichever area of the world and time zone you and your company are in. And, since we don't utilise outside contractors, you'll always be able to speak directly to the people in charge of your website - people who know what's going on and can give genuine answers and practical solutions when you need them the most.

Simply phone us on 0800 PRODIGI or fill out anenquiry form, and one of our dedicated team members can help you with all your WordPress and web hosting enquiries.

What is local web hosting?

When it comes to creating a website, one of the important things you need is a web hosting service. This type of service is like a home for your website on the internet. It provides all the necessary facilities for you to create and maintain your site and makes it accessible for everyone to see on the World Wide Web. Companies that provide this service are often called web hosts. And if you want to ensure that your website is hosted in New Zealand, you can opt for local web hosting with Prodigi. This means your web hosting is based in New Zealand, which can benefit businesses or individuals looking to target a New Zealand audience.

What's the difference between domain names and NZ-based web hosting?

The primary distinction between a domain name and web hosting is that a domain is the address of your website, whereas hosting is the location where the website's files are kept. A visitor may quickly locate your website online by using the domain. Both a domain name and web hosting space are necessities for everyone who wants their website to be operational.

What are the three types of web hosting?

There are a few different types of web hosting, such as

  • Free hosting services: A free, non-paid hosting service with low bandwidth and lesser data transfer.
  • Shared/Virtual hosting: A web hosting service in which several websites are hosted on a single web server that is linked to the internet. But with anything shared, one site on the server can impact the performance of another.
  • Dedicated hosting: Best suited for large websites with significant traffic and is hosted on a dedicated server.

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We have our own redundant private cloud based in Auckland and can help you with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud, including direct private interconnects from your network to theirs.

We also offer management of servers hosted anywhere.

Business IT

This is a big one. We can take care of any and all of your business IT needs from hardware/software to security to day-to-day support. We've even got you covered with bespoke application development. Best yet, there's no more helpdesk nightmares to deal with.


We built our network initially to support our business customers servers and networks, so it was a only small step further to providing Internet. You get the same redundancy and reliability as our largest customers, all at affordable prices. 

Yes, we have Hyperfibre!

This is where we started, and we still have customers who joined us at the very beginning! We're a shared and dedicated webhost, and also an authorised .nz domain registrar. And, if you run Wordpress, we have support plans to keep you up to date and keep the nasties out.

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